August 6, 2015

[ glide and shake ]

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If you know me, you know I’m not what one would consider athletic. Running gives me tendonitis (who knew having ‘high knee caps’ was a thing?) and my hand-eye coordination is nonexistent. However, give me yoga, barre, or any outdoor water activity and I’m all in in. So when I discovered SUP Barre, created by fellow VB local, Whitney Lee, I knew I had to try it! This is the very first Stand Up Paddleboard/Barre combo that’s been created and she’s already been featured in the newspaper, SUP the Mag, SUP Addicts, and was filmed for a television show this week.

You can use one of Whitney’s boards, or B.Y.O.B. That second B stands for Board, by the way. Although, your first thought might work too… you’ll just have to stay on shore.

After paddling across the bay and anchoring in, she’ll take you through a full Barre workout using your paddle for stability. You’ll be feeling that famous barre burn after just a few minutes!

Check out the schedule and come glide and shake with me soon!

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