October 20, 2015

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Although I had only been there twice, Nashville has been one of my favorite cities to visit. So when my husband said he was asked to attend a work conference there, I jumped aboard immediately!

A year and a half ago, I went to Nashville for my bachelorette party. As soon as we touched down, I got word that my dad had a brain aneurysm and was currently in surgery to put a tube in his brain to drain the blood. Luckily everything went well and I was able to speak with him that night. Still, I had no idea what I would come home to. So, although we had a great time, that trip was a roller coaster of emotions [shoutout to my besties for letting me cry in bars the entire time] and I was ready to enjoy the city without that fear and worry at the forefront of my mind the entire time.

The first day we were there, I planned a repeat of all my favorite things so David could experience them too. We made it to Nashville by 9am, so of course we had to go straight to brunch at Tavern. I remembered this place being incredible and was worried it wouldn’t live up to my memories. BUT WOW. The Singapore Stir-Fry will change the way you brunch for life. [Don’t worry, I’ve found a way to recreate it and I’ll share the recipe soon]

That night, we were scheduled for a tour on the Pedal Tavern. Again, I was concerned it wouldn’t be as fun as the last time and again, I was wrong. There’s nothing quite like drinking a beer while biking down a crowded, honky-tonk lined street, singing at the top of your lungs. Even David, who is a hater of all tourist attractions, was jamming right along.

The next day started David’s conference, so I spent most of my time by the pool. That night, I walked over to The Southern on my own. I snagged a seat at the bar and snacked on some raw oysters and fried green tomatoes served over pimento cheese. It was the perfect happy hour spot away from Broadway and filled with locals. After that I met up with David and some colleagues and we took them around to hear some great live music at The Stage and Honky Tonk Central.

The last night of our trip, we finally got to enjoy one of our favorite chef’s restaurants. Beforehand, we popped over to Pinewood Social and played a little bocce and ping pong outside while sipping on some fancy cocktails.

I’ll admit – I’m a wine kinda girl who also enjoys a good beer, but I have no idea what to order when it comes to liquor. The bartender asked a couple of questions to get a feel for what I was in the mood for and BAM, the perfect drink was concocted. These guys know their stuff!

David might have a little mancrush on Sean Brock and talks about him like they’re best friends [“This menu even sounds just like how he talks” is an actual quote from when we were in Charleston]. So we knew we had to hit up Husk for a fancy dinner. We arrived a little early to have a drink at the bar. One of the neat things about Husk is that they don’t classify their wine menu by varietal, but by terroir and soil type. And if you’re looking for whiskey, carve out a good 15 minutes just to make a decision from their massive list of options.

Husk changes their menu daily to showcase the freshest local ingredients so asking for recommendations from the waitress is always key. To start our dinner, we narrowed it down to a 56 day aged beef tartare. This was one of the most interesting dishes I’ve ever eaten. Your brain is telling you that you shouldn’t be eating raw beef, but your taste buds are screaming for more! There was also a perfect texture combination from the soft beef with the crunchy hominy mixed in. Unfortunately we scarfed it down before I could even get a picture.
For the main course, we had Florida wreckfish with corn and squash seed risotto in a basil lime sauce, topped with popped sorghum. David ordered the Bear Creek Farm beef with potatoes, tomatoes, and dilly beans in a thyme jus. They were both very good, but the touch of popped sorghum on the wreckfish made that dish stand out.

To go along with our dinner, our waitress recommended a wine that neither of us would have chosen. She served us a 2010 Perle à Boule, which is a French rose made from Grolleau and Gamay grapes with a gentle sparkling wine touch. It was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted, but somehow complemented both the wreckfish and the beef. Even crazier, it comes with a bottle cap top instead of a traditional cork or screw top.

We made it home early the next morning content that we took in every piece of Nashville we could. It will probably be a while before we make it back since international travel is higher on our list. But if there’s ever anymore work conferences for me to tag along on, I am game!

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