April 9, 2016

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When I set out to create my branding for Haddy Ever After Events, I had no idea it would be such an intricate process. I mean, a simple little thing with some words made to look pretty… not too hard, right? Wrong. Especially when you just can’t seem to make up your mind. Luckily, Emily Nicoletti of The Creative Swell is one of the sweetest, most patient people to work with and turned all of my jumbled thoughts into the most perfect little logo.

The first thing Emily had me do was create a Pinterest board and fill out a questionnaire so she could get to know me a little better. I knew I wanted something to not only represent my brand, but also myself since my blog isn’t strictly for my business at the moment. I wanted something that fit in with my seaside-loving style… lot’s of light and airy blues with the pinks of a gorgeous sunset, and something that would give you the calming feeling of sitting on the shore. When Emily sent me the inspiration board she came up with, I immediately knew that she got me.

 Next up was the first round of logo creations. There were things that I really loved about all three of the options, but overall I knew I wanted something a little more inspired by the ocean and the pinks didn’t give me that feeling. I asked if we could incorporate some more blues to the logos before narrowing it down to one option and Emily was 100% on board.

The watercolor background of the first logo option was totally calling my name, so I knew immediately that was the one I wanted to refine! The flower just didn’t feel right to me though, so I requested something more coastal.

Emily totally nailed all of the revisions based on what I requested. However, at this point, I wound up writing her a full book because I felt like my requests for each revision were on total opposite ends of the spectrum. Here is an excerpt of all my jumbled thoughts from my email to her, please excuse my lack-of-eloquence and overuse of parentheses:

“-I really like the style still of the first option in this set, I definitely keep going back to the watercolor-ish circle in all of the options so I think that’s a definite.

-The teals/aquas in the most recent options are very me. BUT I keep feeling that I want something that is a little softer, just a tad big lighter than what is there now. [I know that totally contradicts what I said last time, I think right in the middle might be perfect].

-Also, my concern originally that the white lettering was hard to see, but I think I like that better than the dark. It just feels more natural having less contrast.

-Finally, I know I said I want something more sea-inspired/beachy/coastal, but I’m not really digging the starfish. I liked the additional colors and style of having the flower in the bottom corner better, just maybe a different style flower [something more of a pinkish than beige-ish] than before or even something like shells similar to what were on the inspiration board you created? I definitely realized I like things that look more hand created than clip-art ish [I don’t mean that offensively], like the flower over the starfish.”


WOW. I felt so bad word-vomiting all over Emily, but somehow she took all of those thoughts and the next revision she sent me was EXACTLY what I had been looking for!

I was so impressed at how well Emily listened to what I wanted, dealt with all of my back-and-forth ideas, and created something that completely represents my brand and myself. She was so supportive during the entire process and I never had any doubts that she would nail it. I am so thankful for this connection to such a talented designer and I know I’ll be sending plenty of more requests her way in the future! Make sure you check her out here and on instagram!

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