August 5, 2016

[ will you accept this rose? ]

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Full confession: my biggest guilty pleasure is the Bachelor franchise tv shows. All of them. Bachelor, Bachelorette, and now Bachelor in Paradise. So when JoJo was deciding who to give her final rose to earlier this week, I knew I had to get my girlfriends together to watch what happened. And being the event planner that I am, I may have gone a little bit over the top!

My first step was googling ideas for viewing parties and let me tell you, there’s not much out there. I found one blog that had a “right reasons” banner and face/flag/word bubble props, and when there’s not much, you take what you can get. I also printed up some little straw flags so everyone had to declare whether they were #teamrobby or #teamjordan. It was all really easy to get together – I just created them in Microsoft Word then printed on cardstock. I also created the rosé sign [I’m a huge fan of puns] using WordSwag.

My personal favorite part of the night was the date cards! During each commercial, I just happened to have a surprise date card with each girl’s name on it. I pulled some phrases from previous seasons and signed their husband’s names to the cards. And of course, they each got a rose along with it because I wasn’t ready to send any of them home!

Six out of the seven of us were on Team Jordan for the night, and I don’t think anyone was really surprised that she chose him. Although if they actually go through with the wedding I will be shocked! There was something about a lot of the guys this season that didn’t seem genuine. I think I’m on #teamchooseabachelorthathasn’tbeenontheshowbefore. What about you?

Also, when I don’t have girls around to gossip with, I like to live tweet the show. So follow me on twitter and you might get some entertainment while I’m watching Bachelor in Paradise this season!

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