July 10, 2017

[ cupcakes, crowns, + cocktails ]

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Hey y’all! Incase you were wondering, I actually do still update my blog. I know you’d never guess because this workshop was held February 26th and I am just now hitting “publish” on July 10th. Man, that’s embarrassing! The good news is, that I’ve been busy. The bad, I’ll now be spending hours updating you on life the last 5 months!

Let’s get to it… I was so excited to attend Cupcakes, Cocktails, + Crowns hosted by Courtney Inghram and Yours Truly Portraiture [heyyy photo cred]. Courtney had hosted one other workshop before and after seeing the pictures, I was super bummed to have missed out. I mean, gimme some sugar, a glass of rose, and a flower crown and I’m 100% in! Courtney had all of the blooms and supplies ready for us when we arrived, she gave us some helpful directions and tips, and each of us dove right in and got a little creative. The time flew by as we created, and I have to say, every single crown was seriously awesome. I love how they were all different, but each of them beautiful. And the best part? I just happened to have my headshots that week [totally not planned] and so I was able to rock my crown in a few of those as well! Check it out and holla at your girl if you need a flower crown because I’m basically an expert now… or just ask Courtney!

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