August 6, 2019

[ portrait session | railay beach, thailand ]

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If you’ve been following along for a while, you knew it was coming. Our newest tradition started a couple of years ago when we were returning to Costa Rica for the second time and my husband asked if there was anything I wanted to do that we didn’t do the first time. My response was “get photos taken!” and he thought I was kidding. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t, and now we get photos done on every vacation! I love this tradition because instead of awkward selfies or iphone pics taken by strangers that can’t be saved with even the best filter, we know we are going to have a few really solid keepers that we can display and use for Christmas cards.

Last month, when we were in Thailand, we kept the tradition alive and had a portrait session with Pui from Witita Workspace. When I emailed her, I asked if she thought we should do it while we were in Railay, Krabi or in Phuket. She recommended Railay and I am SO glad she did. This was the most beautiful beach we’ve ever been to and even these photos don’t do it justice. Eventually, I’ll get the full Thailand recap up and you’ll hear a lot more about it! For now, here are some of our favorites from our portrait session with Pui!

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